Parrot Ownership

Why own a parrot?

What are you hoping to get from this relationship? Do you have the nerves, time and money for a Parrot?

Parrots, big and small, can be amazing companions for the right person or family but you have to do your research first and they aren’t for everyone.

In my experience owning a parrot is a lot like raising a toddler, and if you’ve never been through a toddlerhood experience, Well done you are usually the type to think ahead, but it’s HARD!

There are a lot of argumentative people out there so anything I post is of my own experience and personal opinions. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion and I welcome constructive advice but please don’t be a bully.

For what reason do you want a parrot?

Not every Parrot can talk

Not every Parrot will sing

Not every Parrot will do anything you want.

These are not reasons to get a Parrot, admire, yes but as a parrot owner you need to be prepared to deal with the bites, the tantrums and the poop. If you want something to do tricks at parties then hire a magician. Every bird has their own personality and will only do, ultimately, what they choose to. There are great upsides to having a parrot as a companion, they can be entertaining, interactive and incredibly intelligent but overall they are very noisy and messy animals who will need years of looking after.

It all comes down to the same thing in my opinion and that’s how much time and money are you willing to spend on your new companion?

Because to own a wonderfully tamed, cuddly, all singing, all dancing companion that’s what it comes down to, time or money spent.

Where to get a parrot?

You could buy an aviary bird for much less than the price of a hand-reared baby. However, to get that wonderful tamed companion you are going to have to put that time in. By giving and gaining trust, little by little to get there in time with patience and love. Then there’s the vet bills, which need to be planned for. If your parrot is suspiciously well priced how well has it been looked after? 9/10 it’s going to cost you more in vet bills in the long run.

After all that time your parrot may still decide that they don’t like you and prefer another member of the household.

If you go to a reputable breeder who puts in all that work for you, it means you’re going to also pay a lot more, and you’ll get a lovely tame little baby. That doesn’t mean it will stay tame, you have to continue the time put in.

Any baby is cute but how many teenagers are? Seriously hormones can turn the sweetest child into a nightmare teen. It’s the same with Parrots, in fact worse, as a bite from a hormonal, angry parrot can leave you needing medical treatment.

So whichever route you take you have to have the same consistent time to spend with your companion, training them to achieve and maintain that goal of a wonderfully tamed Birb.

You could also rescue a companion, there are several in the U.K. and they have fosters all over the country. Usually these are older parrots who have had families previously so who you meet is a result of their past which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Unfortunately some parrots do have emotional baggage, which results in fear or aggression. The good news is they can still be happy if you give them enough time and build that trust. Not everyone can provide that however, especially if it’s their first parrot.

Whichever route you take just make sure you do your research, meet other parrot owners, get some hands on if you can, before taking that leap. Some species can make better pets than others, so read up on what you are looking for. Get a good idea of what you need to do, before doing it.