Parrot Meet Up

Amazing day yesterday with the group from ‘Parrots and Birds of East Anglia’ at our meet up, taking along Bonnie, Woody and Dillon.

Left to Right: Bonnie, Woody, Dillon

We love the barn as it gives us the opportunity to work on recall in a massive safe area and an opportunity to fly, as well as to talk to other parrot owners and gain more knowledge from their experiences.

Kembrooke Kennels Barn we use for flying.

Bonnie is getting more confident now and loved hanging out on me lap and shoulder although she was reluctant to fly but I think the heat didn’t help.

Beautiful Bonnie beak grinding to the camera.

Woody on the other hand – reinforced my need to harness train, but certainly got her exercise quota, opened the door and off she went, forgetting every recall practice we had done, denying every bribe. Thankfully she got tired and was eventually persuaded to come back for a drink.

Finally Woody rejoined the group.

Dillon was surprisingly well behaved, happily clinging to Alan’s shoulder the entire time and he didn’t bite ANYONE! I’m starting to think I need to give him more credit really.

Dillon did so well not biting a single person or bird!!

Absolutely sweltering in the barn so we enjoyed cooling off a little outdoors, watching some of the beautiful free flyers show off their fabulous moves and giving an opportunity for Alan to get some amazing pics for his photography page PN Photography

Just enjoying some fresh air and Maccy D’s
Beautiful free flight, done right.

Credit to Lissey Quartez for the unwatermarked pictures included and to PN Photography.

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