Sparkie in the Sunshine

Hey Parronts and Birb friends,

Another glorious day of sunshine today so I thought I’d try and take Sparkie outside on the Harness for some fresh air and some training.

Innocent Sparkie, the baby of the flock.

I’m hoping that by showing Bonnie how another parrot can wear a harness without an issue, hoping it will help with his harness training (Monkey see, Monkey do).

Sparkie will wear a harness with no issues and is happy for me to get it on and off with no fuss. Not a fan of the other parrots so much, he prefers human company so he is easy to take everywhere, with minimal planning, unlike some of the others.

Garden has seen better days but we are ready for a play.

We went into the Garden to begin with as the hooman kids wanted to put on a play to entertain us, but as always with children it didn’t go as planned, so we ended up just going out for a stroll to our local park to see the ducks.

Bonnie looking for Swans
Scritches in the sun with Sparkie

Unfortunately we didn’t find the swans with their Signets but we enjoyed the sunshine and said hello to a few people so it was a nice trip out.

Hope you are all having a good week and enjoying the sunshine.

Spot the crazy bird lady

Stay Safe,

Rachel and the Flock xx

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