Lockdown Breakout

The look of excitement to breakout for a bit.

Hey all you Parronts and Birb friends,

After 3 months of being stuck indoors I decided enough was enough and decided I had to get out of these four walls, if for no other reason, but to give me something for content.

Sure I’ve been in the garden a couple of times but frankly our garden is a state right now and it’s not easily accessible for my wheelchair.

Mental cabin fever has struck, so I decided to take a stroll down to the seafront.

I’ve been wanting to show Bonnie the seafront since her arrival but a mix of winter and then pandemic has put it off but no more!

We are still working with harness training (Bonnie) so we knew he’d have to go in a carrier but thankfully that’s one thing we have got down confidently.

As Bonnie has got quite a powerful beak, should he ever decided to use it, I quickly realised the usual lightweight mesh carrier wasn’t going to be suitable, but thankfully we have a heavy duty carrier that is fairly lap friendly (I write ignoring the stripes of bruises that resulted) and is large and strong enough to transport either Bonnie or Dillon.

All locked and loaded we set off to enjoy the bank holiday sun. We first took a walk down to the sea front but realised it was too busy to maintain social distancing so we decided to carry on until we found a quiet spot.

Stopped by the seafront Bonnie loved saying hello to everyone who strolled past, as soon as spotted Bonnie would start whistling and call out “hey Bonnie, hey boys” to everybody who stopped.

Bonnies first visit to the beach, safe to say he loved it.

We decided to take the long walk back home and detoured via my favourite spot in our home town to show Bonnie and Alan managed to capture this beautiful pic with a rainbow. I’m taking as a sign of better things to come and this was a lovely mental pick me up.

By the time we got home we were completely shattered and Bonnie spent the entire evening beak grinding so I call that a win. I’m looking forward to the day we can do it on a harness as I feel Bonnie will get more from it but I’m not going to rush and we can always adapt so everyone gets to enjoy these experiences.

Signs of better things to come?
Looking at all the scenery.

Hopefully I will be getting out and about a little more with the flock as lockdown eases, so if you see a wheelie with a parrot on her shoulder come and say “hi!”

(Please maintain a safe distance).

Rachel and the Flock x

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